Online Product selling platform

Our development skills are just part of our value. Clients consistently say our strong project management sets us apart. And our ability to untangle technical jargon has also won us long-term client relationships.The investment you’re making with Command C is one we’re also making in return to you. We’re your business partner – not a one off vendor.

We only work with a handful of carefully selected clients so that we can maintain the boutique experience.Every client has a dedicated project manager and a dedicated tech lead.

This industry includes a wide range of products from napkins to sectional sofas. The smaller items may have fueled the online growth thus far, however, the big pieces are on the move now, too. Just last month, debuted their online store.

We often say that a website can only be as great as its product. The product should sell itself and the website should compliment the product by making the buying process as easy and efficient as possible. Umbra Shift gets this. With large and beautiful photos, the essence of their product truly comes across.